“…from our meetings (I) am able to live more in the moment both personally and professionally. It was an opportunity to really grow and get myself on a much better path.  I truly do think I am a better person for it.”

- Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer Global Insurance Company

“You helped me a lot during the last year to pass to the next step…. I was surprised by your very structured and detailed analysis of my personality and clear indications [of] what we have to work on. You are definitely in a small group of the Masters I was lucky to meet in my life.”

- Senior IT manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions Telecom Company

“She is an exceptional coach who made a transformational impact in my own leadership and style – our sessions were truly game changing.”

- Executive Director, NFP, Youth Leadership
Return To Transition & Reinvention

Every stage of our careers and lives has its own unique opportunities and challenges, in both our career choices and our development as managers and leaders. Eva has an in-depth expertise to work with people of all ages and stages from college graduates to people seeking a creative and proactive retirement. Through her many years of experience working with clients from all stages of development and seniority, she is able to bring to her coaching her extensive experience and knowledge of people and the world of work.


Eva passionately believes that our career path offers many possibilities at any age, and it is essential to identify our Unique Self as early as possible, and to make career choices that are aligned with who we are. This is easier said than done, because we are all subject to an endless sea of influence by parents, teachers, peers, media, our cultural value system(s) etc. These influences can be often quite confusing and may not be in alignment with whom we experience ourselves to be. Thus, many people, especially in their 20’s and 30’s feel "D-energized" "D-moralized" and "D-motivated" until they find the career path best suited to their Unique Self. Once this happens, there is a tremendous increase in energy and vitality and one’s experience shifts from apathy and resignation to enthusiasm and wholesome ambition that leads to an energized implementation of a mutually designed plan.

Eva has developed an approach that Gen X’s and Millennials find very helpful in bringing clarity and focus to their career and life choices. It integrates the information she gathers through a structured Career Influences Interview with carefully selected Career Assessments and customized exercises she has designed. Once the ideal career path is identified, the next stage is to plan how to achieve one’s goals in the most effective and least challenging fashion. Eva supports her clients throughout the implementation of the plan.

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