“I always leave our conversations wanting to know and understand more… It's very exciting and fulfilling!”

- Investment Banker

“They say that a person with impact is someone who can tell you something in five minutes that you'll still be thinking about five years later - you certainly hold that distinction.”

- Senior Executive, HR, Global Telecom Company

“I want to thank you and share with you my deep gratitude for being able to work with you over the last month. After each session, I truly felt lighter and more at peace with the work and my ability to do it well.  I am committed to putting all the tools into practice!”

- Program Director, Youth Leadership, NFP Organization

“Since I met you everything I touch is Gold. I just wasn’t aware that I was allowed to touch it. Every conversation leads me to something closer to my life’s mission.”

- Director, NFP, Education

“Your help has been huge in moving our plans forward."

- A Couple in Financial Services and NFP, Relocating to Another City

“She is an exceptional coach who made a transformational impact in my own leadership and style – our sessions were truly game changing.”

- Executive Director, NFP, Youth Leadership

“You helped me a lot during the last year to pass to the next step…. I was surprised by your very structured and detailed analysis of my personality and clear indications [of] what we have to work on. You are definitely in a small group of the Masters I was lucky to meet in my life.”

- Senior IT manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions Telecom Company

“Your work with Linda is a HUGE value beyond words and so grateful to you for everything.”

- Spouse of IT Client

“…from our meetings (I) am able to live more in the moment both personally and professionally. It was an opportunity to really grow and get myself on a much better path.  I truly do think I am a better person for it.”

- Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer Global Insurance Company
Return To Transition & Reinvention

Career Transition 

Perhaps you have been unsatisfied with your current place of work for a while or maybe you lost your job as a result of downsizing, re-organizing, being laid off or let go for political, strategic or performance reasons. Perhaps you want to seek a different position within the same company or make a move within your industry.

Career Transition Coaching can give you the tools you will need to define and seek out your personal success.

If for whatever reason your Career Transition is not by choice, so maybe you were forced into moving on, the first aspect of Career Transition Coaching is managing the change itself. Loss of a job, combined with being thrust into an involuntary journey towards a future without a clear destination can be overwhelming and discouraging. Losing one's job is known to be one of the five most disturbing events in people's lives. (The other four are loss of a loved one, health challenges of self or loved ones, divorce and moving one's place of residence). It is not surprising then, that most people find a forced career transition to be an emotionally difficult time. Using her expert guidance, Eva has helped her clients over the years with her energy, resourcefulness, empathy and empowering outlook. Clients will come to see rich possibilities beyond the commonly experienced anxiety, fear, confusion and inertia.

Managing change is an important and on-going conversation during anyone's career transition. It involves the identification of your 'adaptive style' in times of change. Based on your unique history and preferences of managing transitions Eva provides coaching for regaining your sense of well being combined with enhanced approaches of planning on actions and behaviors to sustain a high level of resilience.

Parallel to managing your emotions and eliminating energy drains, there are three phases of the career transition process:

  1. It begins with Self-Discovery through a Career and Life Planning Assessment system. Together we will identify your unique set of skills, motivated abilities, passions, values, beliefs, financial and emotional needs and the type of environment in which they will be most effective. The integration of the information from the discovery phase yields rich indicators for one's choice of a rewarding future path. It also leads to focus and clarity, which in turn, is essential to develop a career search strategy.

  2. Once your ideal choice is identified, we will enter the second phase, Developing Strategy, where we will craft your own personal roadmap for launching your ideal career or job search, or the establishment of a new business or consulting practice. In this phase, we take what we have discovered about you and your goals and give you a way to move from the insights gained to concrete applications. We will develop specific career transition tools such as targeted communications, (including correspondence) your biography/resume, creating a support team and planning networking approaches that reflect your aspirations. We will develop research strategies and identify organizations (and appropriate executives within them) that you would like to contact. In addition, we will work on highly strategic preparation for acing interviews and maximizing the benefits of your networking opportunities.

  3. The last phase is Implementation, when we work together to make your plans a reality. Navigating the nuances of this phase is something Eva has worked on for years. Her experience as an Executive Coach within corporations will make the critical difference and give you an edge in guiding you towards your ultimate goals. Eva's strategic guidance can help you find your ideal position, start or buy a business, launch your consulting practice, become a full time stay-at-home parent, re-enter the work place or retire into a life of creative and expressive satisfaction.
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