“I recognize the energy that you put into these feedback sessions (not only your professional skill, but truly your personal spiritual care and energy) and I so appreciate it.”

- VP R&D, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“You are truly gifted at helping people get from sitting to walking towards their journey. I am forever grateful for our work together.”

- Tenured Professor of Psychology

“Since I met you everything I touch is Gold. I just wasn’t aware that I was allowed to touch it. Every conversation leads me to something closer to my life’s mission.”

- Director, NFP, Education

“Your help has been huge in moving our plans forward."

- A Couple in Financial Services and NFP, Relocating to Another City

“I always leave our conversations wanting to know and understand more… It's very exciting and fulfilling!”

- Investment Banker

“They say that a person with impact is someone who can tell you something in five minutes that you'll still be thinking about five years later - you certainly hold that distinction.”

- Senior Executive, HR, Global Telecom Company
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Career Management

Career Management is for individuals who would like to get a clearer sense of their career path within an organization or have yet to examine why they don't feel quite right about their work and lives. They would like to envision a path for their future that will provide them with a more satisfying life/work balance.

Career Management is a "catch all" term that may include any or a combination of the following areas. See if any of the list below applies to you:

  • Breaking through career inertia
  • Managing oneself from strength: Identifying and better applying competencies
  • Optimizing one's job description including roles and goals
  • Redefining or changing one's role in the organization
  • Developing a strong targeted network within the organization
  • Obtaining a promotion or raise
  • Having a career development conversation with supervisors
  • Performance Improvement
  • Examining one's values and whether they align with those of the organization
  • Creating a path with Life Long Learning
  • Building strategic alliances
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Defining one's unique life work balance needs
  • Search for meaning - identifying one's calling and purpose to live with passion
  • Other career related opportunities and challenges

There are few things in our lives that are as rewarding and create as much meaning as our careers and life's work. Conversely, it is common over the course of one's career to feel challenged by difficult colleagues, politics, stalled advancement, being underpaid or managing a tough boss. Challenges may also arise from an individual's poor performance, burnout, stress, or disengagement.

When it comes to Career management, the advantages of working with an external coach are compelling. One can share freely in a safe and confidential environment. The coach is a neutral sounding board and has only one purpose in mind, to help the individual succeed and thrive.

Eva has worked with clients over the course of more than fifteen years designing effective strategies for a variety of on-the-job performance issues. If you are dissatisfied with your career, unhappy with how your life outside of work is going and are searching for meaning and a sense of purpose in what you do, Eva Har-Even can help you through a customized career management program that will make a profound mark on your sense of achievement and well-being.

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