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The new trend for "Boomers" is to discover new or yet to be developed aspects of self and create a life that keeps you passionate and engaged. Our clients are seasoned executives and professionals who search for a meaningful and creative outlet. They have a strong yearning to remain productive and make a difference.

As a result of the career coaching, they choose new fields that reflect old hobbies, forgotten interests, time for travel or perhaps discover new, surprising engagements like starting a new business or joining an organization. Many feel the urge to give back, to "do good" and get involved with a not-for-profit organization for the betterment of society. They may have a job - full or part time - or perhaps volunteer. They may end up on a board of directors for a cause they believe in and want to support. Many create a mosaic of activities rather than a single focus.

Eva Har-Even can help you evaluate where you are in your cycle of life and work and determine where you want to be in the coming years. Through a highly-customized assessment process sensitive to your unique needs, together we will discover what will fulfill you most, create a life plan and provide you with the tools you will need to pursue the passions that will keep you going and growing.


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