“They say that a person with impact is someone who can tell you something in five minutes that you'll still be thinking about five years later - you certainly hold that distinction.”

- Senior Executive, HR, Global Telecom Company

“In all cases Eva’s coaching process allowed the respective member to elevate their game to a whole different level either in their same position or leading to the conclusion that a different role might be more suited going forward. We highly recommend the coaching tool in general and Eva in particular.”

- Chairman , Financial Services Company

“Brad, Eva will be the best exec coach you'll ever have!”

- Professor of MBA/EMBA

“I recognize the energy that you put into these feedback sessions (not only your professional skill, but truly your personal spiritual care and energy) and I so appreciate it.”

- VP R&D, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“You are a master truly. Your work with me will not only change my life but also the lives of thousands of urban low income youth.”

- Program Director, NFP, Education

“…the tools you gave him are really helping.”

- CEO of Major Diamonds Company

“I always leave our conversations wanting to know and understand more… It's very exciting and fulfilling!”

- Investment Banker

“I want to thank you and share with you my deep gratitude for being able to work with you over the last month. After each session, I truly felt lighter and more at peace with the work and my ability to do it well.  I am committed to putting all the tools into practice!”

- Program Director, Youth Leadership, NFP Organization
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