“Your work with Linda is a HUGE value beyond words and so grateful to you for everything.”

- Spouse of IT Client

“You helped me a lot during the last year to pass to the next step…. I was surprised by your very structured and detailed analysis of my personality and clear indications [of] what we have to work on. You are definitely in a small group of the Masters I was lucky to meet in my life.”

- Senior IT manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions Telecom Company

“I have nothing but the highest regard for Eva! She is the consummate professional and an elegant Coach. Eva is both a friend and colleague whose professional quality more than meets my ‘ridiculously’ high standards.”

- Colleague, MCC

“I found your analysis of my strengths and opportunities, relative to leadership, to not only be accurate but thought provoking. You have changed my behaviors both professionally and personally. Thank You. Forever grateful.”

- Executive, Automation Control Systems Global Technology Company

“Eva really opened up my vision as to where my career could lead, with a focus on REAL happiness and satisfaction. It worked.”

- Executive Creative Director, North America Media Entertainment Company

“In all cases Eva’s coaching process allowed the respective member to elevate their game to a whole different level either in their same position or leading to the conclusion that a different role might be more suited going forward. We highly recommend the coaching tool in general and Eva in particular.”

- Chairman , Financial Services Company

“…the tools you gave him are really helping.”

- CEO of Major Diamonds Company

“Your comment yesterday on the progress you have seen… I feel the progress also. I feel so much more grounded and more than ever know who I am (appreciating there is more to discover) and accepting who I am. Thanks for helping me along the way!”

- M & A Executive, Financial Services

“I want to thank you and share with you my deep gratitude for being able to work with you over the last month. After each session, I truly felt lighter and more at peace with the work and my ability to do it well.  I am committed to putting all the tools into practice!”

- Program Director, Youth Leadership, NFP Organization

“Brad, Eva will be the best exec coach you'll ever have!”

- Professor of MBA/EMBA
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Mastering Leadership - High Potential Leadership Development and Succession Planning

High Potential Leadership Coaching

Mastering Leadership involves coaching high potential leaders to attain their optimal potential as human beings and leaders. What distinguishes the best leaders from others is their high level of Emotional Intelligence, their Vision capability, ability to Manage Change, their astute Strategic Planning abilities, and their Political Savvy. These are some of the topics included in Mastering Leadership Coaching. Based on thorough assessment and development planning, as with all the other coaching programs, we base our conversations on the unique personality, abilities and experience of the leader. Depending on the needs of the individual leader, very often this type of coaching includes some themes covered in Competency Development and Performance Coaching.

Succession Planning

Customized, comprehensive succession plans are designed for companies looking to secure and develop vital talent for the future of the organization. Succession Planning is always based on the vision and mission of the company and the resultant strategic plan for its future. The planning may be within one team or company wide. The process includes competency identification for each supporting role as well as working with the individual leaders to attain larger corporate goals. The program can include:

  • Competency Modeling -identifying competencies for each key role
  • Personal and professional assessments of the Leadership Team members and their reports.
  • Writing succession reports
  • Leadership coaching to develop high-potential individuals selected as future successors
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