“Eva really opened up my vision as to where my career could lead, with a focus on REAL happiness and satisfaction. It worked.”

- Executive Creative Director, North America Media Entertainment Company

“Brad, Eva will be the best exec coach you'll ever have!”

- Professor of MBA/EMBA

“…from our meetings (I) am able to live more in the moment both personally and professionally. It was an opportunity to really grow and get myself on a much better path.  I truly do think I am a better person for it.”

- Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer Global Insurance Company

“In all cases Eva’s coaching process allowed the respective member to elevate their game to a whole different level either in their same position or leading to the conclusion that a different role might be more suited going forward. We highly recommend the coaching tool in general and Eva in particular.”

- Chairman , Financial Services Company

“…the tools you gave him are really helping.”

- CEO of Major Diamonds Company

“They say that a person with impact is someone who can tell you something in five minutes that you'll still be thinking about five years later - you certainly hold that distinction.”

- Senior Executive, HR, Global Telecom Company

“You are truly gifted at helping people get from sitting to walking towards their journey. I am forever grateful for our work together.”

- Tenured Professor of Psychology

“Thank you for your kind words and for your generous spirit. I walked away with a lighter heart and a feeling of optimism about my future. Thank you for putting me in touch with that higher purpose again.”

- Executive VP, Marketing Telecom Company

“I found your analysis of my strengths and opportunities, relative to leadership, to not only be accurate but thought provoking. You have changed my behaviors both professionally and personally. Thank You. Forever grateful.”

- Executive, Automation Control Systems Global Technology Company
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Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change

Executive Coaching for performance and behavioral change is a program that supports valued executives in dealing with workplace behaviors that may hinder their professional effectiveness. Typically these are executives with proven track records that find themselves exhibiting behaviors (typically under stress) that put them in danger of derailing or, to a lesser extent, not being as effective and fulfilled in their roles as they could be. Focusing on how these counterproductive tendencies are perceived in the organization and impact business performance, Executive Coaching assesses, clarifies and coaches executives on key effectiveness issues.

Transformational Coaching

Our most intensive remedial coaching program involves three full days of powerful structured meetings of a leader with one or two senior executive coaches. This program is designed for otherwise valuable leaders who are at risk of losing their jobs as a result of some extreme behavioral issues. The organization is no longer willing to tolerate these behaviors, no matter how effective and productive the leader may be or how much value they add to the organization's success. It is literally a "shape up or ship out" message. During the three days of intense coaching, we will delve deep into the leader's personal history, and disruptive behaviors at their organization. Based on feedback from a battery of assessments and 360 interviews with key stakeholders we will guide the leader through a transformation in how they perceive themselves and others and what are the constructive behaviors they must manifest once they return to their roles. After the initial three full day coaching, role playing and teaching sessions we help the leader re-integrate into the organization by coaching them over a period of several months. The changes that this type of leader needs to make are non-negotiable. The coaching helps them come to terms with the need for change and they will replace self-destructive behaviors with positive ones to benefit their organizations, teams, colleagues, supervisors, and first and foremost themselves.

Conflict Resolution/Relationship Building/Team Building

Some teams or team members find themselves pressed, stressed and demoralized with no end in sight to their daily troubles. This may be the result of many different, and at times overlapping causes. Working with Eva Har-Even, the first step would be to get to know the individual members of the team, assess their "health" issues and then through various interventions help them move from their dispirited way of working to one of creative engagement, productivity and self-motivation. The workplace can be an environment that free of political in-fighting and destructive management styles, where employees actually love coming to work and are happy being there.

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