“…from our meetings (I) am able to live more in the moment both personally and professionally. It was an opportunity to really grow and get myself on a much better path.  I truly do think I am a better person for it.”

- Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer Global Insurance Company

“Thank you for your kind words and for your generous spirit. I walked away with a lighter heart and a feeling of optimism about my future. Thank you for putting me in touch with that higher purpose again.”

- Executive VP, Marketing Telecom Company

“Thank you very much Eva! I see why people open up to you and how you help them manifest more successfully in the world.”

- Executive Artistic Director, Major Performing Arts Organization

“Your comment yesterday on the progress you have seen… I feel the progress also. I feel so much more grounded and more than ever know who I am (appreciating there is more to discover) and accepting who I am. Thanks for helping me along the way!”

- M & A Executive, Financial Services

“Brad, Eva will be the best exec coach you'll ever have!”

- Professor of MBA/EMBA

“Eva really opened up my vision as to where my career could lead, with a focus on REAL happiness and satisfaction. It worked.”

- Executive Creative Director, North America Media Entertainment Company

“In all cases Eva’s coaching process allowed the respective member to elevate their game to a whole different level either in their same position or leading to the conclusion that a different role might be more suited going forward. We highly recommend the coaching tool in general and Eva in particular.”

- Chairman , Financial Services Company

“You are truly gifted at helping people get from sitting to walking towards their journey. I am forever grateful for our work together.”

- Tenured Professor of Psychology

“They say that a person with impact is someone who can tell you something in five minutes that you'll still be thinking about five years later - you certainly hold that distinction.”

- Senior Executive, HR, Global Telecom Company

“…the tools you gave him are really helping.”

- CEO of Major Diamonds Company

“I have nothing but the highest regard for Eva! She is the consummate professional and an elegant Coach. Eva is both a friend and colleague whose professional quality more than meets my ‘ridiculously’ high standards.”

- Colleague, MCC

“I recognize the energy that you put into these feedback sessions (not only your professional skill, but truly your personal spiritual care and energy) and I so appreciate it.”

- VP R&D, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“I always leave our conversations wanting to know and understand more… It's very exciting and fulfilling!”

- Investment Banker
Leadership Coaching

"Coaching is a co-creative process that transforms leaders' ability to experience and affect positive change." 

                                                                        - EVA HAR-EVEN

What makes a great leader? Whether they are born or made, all can be improved by working closely with Eva Har-Even. Her approach is collaborative, creative and engaging. The leader and their team will be transformed by the leader's openness to understanding themselves and how they relate to their team, organization and their workplace as a whole.

Eva Har-Even's Executive coaching helps people see themselves, their behaviors, their environment and their possibilities in a new and expanded way. It opens vistas and realizations that are truly transformational and thus life altering. It provides people with practical behavioral alternatives to replace ineffective ones. We outline a plan for growth by coaching on behaviors and communications that work well within real-life environments.

We begin by creating greater self awareness for the leader. The transformation evolves through re-framing and expanding the leader's personal outlook. Strengths, limitations, values and world view are identified through a comprehensive assessment process. The coaching focuses on a well thought out development plan that is based on the findings of the assessment and the initial coaching conversations. We help the individual understand how their behaviors impact others' performance. We then coach that individual to modify those behaviors and replace them with more effective and rewarding ones. Through the positive power of change and the growth the individual experiences, they can also impact those around them in a positive way and revolutionize the level of their effectiveness and the influence they have on their organization.

The process is a catalyst for improvement and success. Individuals see tangible shifts in themselves, their team and the way they relate to their professional goals and stakeholders. This is why the Executive Coaching experience has proven sustainable over time for leaders who have engaged in it.

Wise Leaders™ provides Executive Coaching services in the following four areas:

  1. Executive Coaching for Competency Development
  2. Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change
  3. Mastering Leadership - High Potential Leadership Development Coaching and Succession Planning 
  4. Women's Leadership Coaching
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