“You helped me a lot during the last year to pass to the next step…. I was surprised by your very structured and detailed analysis of my personality and clear indications [of] what we have to work on. You are definitely in a small group of the Masters I was lucky to meet in my life.”

- Senior IT manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions Telecom Company

“They say that a person with impact is someone who can tell you something in five minutes that you'll still be thinking about five years later - you certainly hold that distinction.”

- Senior Executive, HR, Global Telecom Company

“Your help has been huge in moving our plans forward."

- A Couple in Financial Services and NFP, Relocating to Another City
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  • You feel you have all that it takes to succeed in your role and advance in the organization but instead you are standing still while others, less capable than you seem to make progress...
  • You believe that success, self-expression, well being, collaboration and high ethical standards are not incompatible...

    It is important for you to express your authentic self with your unique combination of values, gifts and passions to feel fully alive and well. We can seek together ways of bridging the gap between the organizations' expectations and your unique self. If we find that the gap is too wide, you may want to move on. We will plan together a career road map that will enable you to understand, honor and fulfill your needs. 

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  • Your career has not been satisfying and you have come to realize that you have committed to a profession or a role for all the wrong reasons...

    Or perhaps, it has been fine in the past, but you have outgrown it, changed over time and it feels like the old you. You are searching for something new that would re-ignite your passion and emotional, intellectual and purpose seeking self. Together we'll look at the total picture of who you are, what is important for you, including old aspects of yourself and buried dreams you may have completely forgotten about. Also, we'll examine how you have changed over time, and what are some of the new interests you may have developed or are yet to discover. 

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  • You know what you would like to do, but are not sure how to create a strategic plan to get there.

    We'll talk about finding the right information, organizations, contacts, communicating the most impactful messages about who you are and what you would like to do and why. We'll write the search documents, (such as resume, biography, letters etc.) you may need to get you in front of the right people and help them understand how you may add value to them and their organizations. 

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  • You need support in negotiating the right compensation package in your next job or you are currently underpaid and would like to negotiate for a more equitable package based on your value on the market and in your company as compared to your peers...
  • You are a parent who feels that no matter what you do you either compromise your family or career...

    The tension between these two major roles is growing unbearable. You are ready to quit. Is it the right time and thing to do? Are there other creative solutions you may be able to consider and to negotiate with your employer and spouse, partner in life, family? What would be an ideal plan for you with your unique circumstances - how do you plan, communicate and implement it? 

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  • You have been out of a job for a while...

    You have been raising your children, taking a long sabbatical, retired and became bored or low on funds, tried freelancing and became discouraged. You are planning to return to the world of work soon and confused as to how to overcome your fears, the potential rejection from the marketplace, not being sure whether you "have what it takes" to work, and the barriers to re-entry from organizations that may like to see an uninterrupted work record. Maybe your biggest challenge is figuring out what you would like to do now: continue with the old career, find a new one, start a business, volunteer first then take on a job, go back to school. Together, we'll examine your individual story and design a plan to help ease this transition. My own personal story and those of many others I have helped with re-entry may be very encouraging for you to hear. It is truly doable and easier than one imagines! 

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  • You have lost your job...

    You may have been down-sized or let go because of bad economic times for the company, differences with your supervisor, poor performance, or political maneuvers by your detractors. You feel quite upset, losing some of your hope that you will find an equally good position. You may be afraid of what new potential employers will think of you and your worth as a result of your unemployed status. It is a difficult position to be in, and it requires managing your negative emotions so you may be able to present yourself again as a strong candidate for future opportunities. You need expert guidance and help in how to communicate to your contacts, sometimes even to family members and friends. You may want to evaluate new and different career options and life choices with expert guidance at this point. Perhaps this is an opportunity to do something completely new, or to move to a new location that you may like better. Crisis is truly an opportunity and with expert guidance you may be able to design a new life and come to see your initial painful reaction to your loss as a doorway to a better life. I have helped many people undergoing major career transitions and changes to make the most of themselves no matter how painful, challenging and difficult their stories sounded at first. We will assess your particular situation and provide practical and relevant options leveraging your knowledge, experiences, skills and present or latent interests. Using insight, creativity and intuition you may come to see your transition as an adventure and a transformative process that leads you to a higher quality life.

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  • You may have enjoyed or endured one or several careers, but you are hardly ready to retire..

    Even if you feel tired or bored, what you search for is a new vision for yourself accompanied by a plan of action to help you be vibrant and productive. You may want to stay in your chosen profession but in a different way, or transition to something you may find even more satisfying and fulfilling. 

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