“Your work with Linda is a HUGE value beyond words and so grateful to you for everything.”

- Spouse of IT Client

“Thank you for your kind words and for your generous spirit. I walked away with a lighter heart and a feeling of optimism about my future. Thank you for putting me in touch with that higher purpose again.”

- Executive VP, Marketing Telecom Company

“…the tools you gave him are really helping.”

- CEO of Major Diamonds Company

“You are a master truly. Your work with me will not only change my life but also the lives of thousands of urban low income youth.”

- Program Director, NFP, Education

“…from our meetings (I) am able to live more in the moment both personally and professionally. It was an opportunity to really grow and get myself on a much better path.  I truly do think I am a better person for it.”

- Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer Global Insurance Company

“You are truly gifted at helping people get from sitting to walking towards their journey. I am forever grateful for our work together.”

- Tenured Professor of Psychology

“In all cases Eva’s coaching process allowed the respective member to elevate their game to a whole different level either in their same position or leading to the conclusion that a different role might be more suited going forward. We highly recommend the coaching tool in general and Eva in particular.”

- Chairman , Financial Services Company

“They say that a person with impact is someone who can tell you something in five minutes that you'll still be thinking about five years later - you certainly hold that distinction.”

- Senior Executive, HR, Global Telecom Company

“I recognize the energy that you put into these feedback sessions (not only your professional skill, but truly your personal spiritual care and energy) and I so appreciate it.”

- VP R&D, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company
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  • You are a leader who wants to grow and develop your mastery by strengthening key leadership competencies and behaviors...

    You already possess cognitive and technical abilities in your field, and realize that further development of self-awareness and fine-tuning your emotional intelligence is key to making an impact and achieving the desired results. 

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  • You are unhappy and perhaps feeling that you are failing in your current role and not sure what the reasons are...

    You are motivated to know - is it the organization's culture, your development needs, your boss' leadership style, diminishing resources, extreme politics, all of the above or other factors? And once you know the reasons, how do you improve your sense of accomplishment and well being? If you have made mistakes, what are they and what do you need to know so you don't repeat them?

    Click here to find out more about Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change 

  • You have been successful until now by using your fine-tuned tactical skills, a hands-on approach, and perhaps a command and control operation that worked well...

    Now, in order to go to the next level and thrive you must learn to be strategic, to delegate more, develop talent and successors, and act as an advisor/coach to your reports rather than a "boss". You also need to collaborate and influence when there is no clear authority over others within an increasingly matrixed organizational structure. 

    Click here to learn more about Executive Coaching for Competency Development

  • You are seeking support and guidance for effective decision making. You have been reluctant to take some risks, fearing failure or embarrassment...

    As a result, you over analyze, hesitate to make decisions and unable to execute on time. You procrastinate, change your mind, continue to gather information past deadlines and create confusion and costly delays for reports and other stakeholders that depend on you. 

    Click here to find out more about Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change 

  • You have been recently promoted or hired into a new organization and know that the early impressions you make and the behaviors you choose are crucial for long term success...

    You are committed to avoid costly mistakes by establishing powerful alliances with your key stakeholders and potential detractors, identifying unspoken expectations and invisible agendas and thinking through your communications. You want to assure your successful on-boarding from the get go. 

    Click here to find out more about New Leader On-Boarding

  • You are smart and well suited in every way to advance within your organization, but your communication skills and political savvy are keeping you back...

    How do you speak with your different stakeholders? What is the ideal place and time to introduce a new and potentially controversial idea? Who are the people who wield the most influence in your organization and how do you leverage their formal or informal power? You would like to be a more effective communicator with different types of people. 

    Click here to learn more about Executive Coaching for Competency Development

  • You have a hard time controlling your emotions and it affects your success in your role...

    You may be angry, frustrated, impatient, hostile, an outsider, controlling, politically naïve, too political, a pleaser, overpowering, a bully, too meek, hard to know, gossipy, too quiet, too loud, easy to embarrass, stand-offish, distrustful, self serving, mistrusted, manipulative, exaggerating, knowledgeable yet reticent to participate in meetings, too aggressive, too passionate or emotional, too passive or laid back, tardy, indecisive, a micromanager, touchy feely and too personal, aloof... Almost all of us possess a little bit of some of these attributes at some times, but when these very human behaviors are exaggerated, we may fail even if all else is perfect. 

    Click here to find out more about Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change 

  • You have not managed people in the past, or the size of your team and organization has been increased and you are no longer confident in your ability to be an effective leader...

    You are now managing a virtual team perhaps. There may be some issues with your ability to motivate, develop, inspire and get high quality and/or timely results. 

    Click here to learn more about Executive Coaching for Competency Development

  • Morale on your team is low and you may or may not know why. Is it your leadership? Is it the recent downsizing, the merger or acquisition the company has gone through, the new leadership above you, a potentially disruptive team member?

    A lingering conflict between team members? A perception of favorable or inequitable treatment of some? Could it be boredom, stretched resources, vague expectations, unclear roles and goals, loss of loyalty, distrust? Morale is the energy source of individuals, teams and whole organizations and we can examine the causes that may affect this essential motivator and work on a plan to create well being and promote peak performance. 

    Click here to find out more about Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change 

  • Your efforts are not being recognized by your key stakeholders.

    Some people are very humble and remain invisible in an organization. Others may be viewed as self promoters. Neither one of these extremes is beneficial to the individuals or their organization. If you are being overlooked and feel unappreciated you may want to find ways of increasing your visibility without compromising your values of "doing the right thing" and having people know your value and reward your contribution. If you have sought recognition which resulted in overexposure, you may want to learn to let your actions speak for themselves in a more subtle and appropriate fashion. Visibility and talent that add value to the organization go hand in hand. The organization benefits from knowledge sharing of talented and accomplished contributors. We can examine and strengthen your style and approach for being recognized and appropriately visible. 

    Click here to learn more about Executive Coaching for Competency Development

  • You are stretched and stressed. Work has been the focal point of your life for a while. Your relationships are impacted and you may not even care or care enough to shift your focus...

    Your health may be poor or somewhat compromised. You are not feeling great. You may feel driven by your own ambition or just can't get away from the rat race and the pressures and expectations for peak performance. Failure is not an option, but your failing spirits don't feel great either. How do you stop this madness without loosing everything that you have worked for? How do you regain a sense of hope and empowerment? What is your ideal balance and how do you regain it along with a rich and well rounded life?

    Click here to find out more about Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change 

  • You are a woman or a member of a minority group. Your organization may not be very strong in promoting and advocating Diversity oriented programs and policies...

    Or, the issue may lie with the culture, which has traditionally been white male biased and hasn't made enough progress to make you feel like an equal. Your potential exceeds your current employer's ability to support your timely growth. You would like to grow and thrive. What are some of the barriers to your success? They may be inner barriers - areas of growth opportunity for you. Or they may be external barriers needing further exploration on how to overcome or by-pass. Most of the time, these barriers are both internal and external. We identify them, examining their reasons and develop strategies for optimal success. 

    Click here to learn more about Women's Leadership Coaching

  • You are a successful executive with great skills and competencies...

    Your supervisor believes in you and would like to see you grow further in the organization. However, you are told you need to develop your Executive Presence. In the competitive and image-oriented culture of many of today's organizations, there is an expectation that you will also project the image of a leader. It is called Executive Presence. It may be hard to define, but it would include elements of composure, courage, command skills, visibility, integrity, political savvy, presentation and communication skills, physical grooming and body language. The definition may very from company to company and by industry, region, level, role and other factors. Part of possessing Executive Presence is to be able to figure out what it means in one's specific circumstance. It may be a deciding factor when it comes to growth within an organization. Have you figured out what it means in your organization? Do you have it? We examine the meaning of Executive Presence in your particular environment, and think through what you may want to adopt and learn in order to develop expertise in this important area. 

    Click here to learn more about Mastering Leadership - High Potential Leadership Development and Succession Planning


  • You are inconsistent in the ways you relate to your various stakeholders...

    Are you best at managing up, sideways or down? Who notices your behaviors and how does it affect your performance and effectiveness? Are you a great team leader but having run- ins with your supervisor and peers? Are you best friends and in one mind with your supervisors but your team feels neglected or compromised and even betrayed by your behaviors? Do you have very close relationships and understanding with your peers, sharing information and enjoying their company in and out of the office, but feel remote towards your boss and out of control with your team and their performance? 

    Click here to find out more about Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change 

  • You inherited a team where some of the members are grossly underperforming and you have no idea how to turn them around...

    Your first inclination may be to just find a way to get them off your team or out of the organization. You may have developed a reputation as someone who is hard to please and wants people out rather than developing them. How do you decide what is the optimal course of action with underperforming reports? How do you implement your plan without upsetting the organization or developing a negative reputation? How do you build a strong team when the team you have inherited is not made up of those you would have hired yourself? 

    Click here to find out more about Executive Coaching for Performance and Behavioral Change 

  • You have a hard time listening deeply to others and, as a result, people are not seeking your advice and input...

    You hardly ever have meaningful conversations with your colleagues, reports, and supervisor. You are action biased, and like to speak but not listen, execute, but don't involve others in decision making. Your communications are one way instead of a conversation that leads to collaboration and great new ideas. You may know some people who can influence decisions so well just by hearing you out, yet haven't made the connection that it is their listening to you that makes them so effective in influencing your thinking and that of others. Listening is a major competency of leaders. Is it yours? 

    Click here to learn more about Executive Coaching for Competency Development

  • You feel challenged in managing your time...

    We are in a time of information overload, back to back meetings, conflicting expectations from different stakeholders in complex matrixed organizations, frequent travel, organization changes that never cease, stretched resources, increasing expectations for strengthening the bottom line, turn over of employees - both voluntary and imposed by head count reductions or the creation of new roles in organizations, constant re-designing of the organization structure aligned with evolving strategies in an ever faster moving world. How do you manage your time resource? What does good prioritizing look like in your circumstance? It is challenging for everyone these days but absolutely a crucial skill for leaders to keep on reassessing and developing further. 

    Click here to learn more about Executive Coaching for Competency Development

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